Impossible Is Nothing.

I have to be honest and say that I never knew Meg. In fact, our paths never crossed at Southeast. The only way I even knew she existed was because of her skill as an athlete. I have always been fascinated by the soccer team, and just the sport in general. It has an odd sort of poetic feeling to it, while being easily one of the most vigourous sports there is. Meg was a natural, any onlooker could tell. I remember being fascinated by the girl with the red hair, who was probably one of the toughest competitors on the field. You could tell she had strength, desire, and more than anything else a real passion for what she was doing.

            Death is so strange at the age of 22. It’s something that we don’t even think about, until it happens. Then it suddenly becomes so real it’s. I have had the unfortunate experience while at my time of Southeast to see two lives end too soon. And both have taught me so very much. Life is so very precious. With each time I grieve I gain perspective, which is a gift that is far more fortunate than anything material. You can’t live life with regrets and you can’t live life on the sidelines, because you never know exactly what is going to happen. You have to get out and live life. Take the chances and do all of the things that you truly want to do. Most of all, be the person that you know  you can be. If there is something or someone that you love, make sure that you dedicate every moment to making those things the ones that truly matter.

            It is also important to live your life for others. You never know the ways in which you can make a difference in others. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and stopping to say hello, that simple gesture can change someone’s entire day. I had the privilege to attend Megs Memorial and it was amazing to me how many people said that her smile was simply the best. She could smile and light up an entire room.

            Tonight, it is said that Meg did not like the word impossible. This is something that I deeply respect her for, mostly because she has challenged me to live the same way. Impossible is nothing. Live Life and don’t let anything stand in the way of that.

            I never got the chance to meet Meg, but I can tell that I missed out. It sounds like she was an extraordinary person, friend, athlete, daughter and beyond. If I had the chance to meet Meg I know I would say Thank you for making me think and realizing my potentional.You will forever be missed, and forever be a Redhawk.


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