Go Ahead….Make My Day.

The birthday I thought would never come, has both come and gone. The smoke has cleared, the streets are open again after the parade, and the glitter is getting sweeped up(Still working on that glitter thing…herpes of the craft world!) It has left me happy and fulfilled, and full of thought.


It took my birthday to realize how many stand up people there are in the world. I think I secretly knew all the time, but it never hurts to get a reminder. I was showered with well wishes, some from people that I had known forever, some just from residents that I had just met at the beginning of school. Each person had a similar level of thought and enthusiasm behind their message. This made me think, “What do we really mean to people?”


I think the answer is that we are at least one persons “Everything”. To that grandparent who loves it when you call because you will be the subject of dinner time conversation during that weeks meetings (don’t forget doctors appointments, hair cuts, and bowling tournaments). To that lady in the UC that always smiles when you say hello, its likely you were the first person to acknowledge her presence that day. Or maybe it’s a friend, that has had the worst day in a while. They just need somebody to talk to, someone to tell them everythings okay. And it doesn’t hurt when you say it’s okay to eat that piece of cake.(In Case You didn’t Know: Calories don’t count when you have a bad day) If you are like me you get an added benefit. Maybe it’s a resident, who just needs some encouragement and a shove in the right direction. Moral of the Story: Everyone is needed.


This summer I was watching Oprah reruns. Say what you want about her, but the lady has got some good advice for life. Oprah said that everybody needs to be assured and this statement is what she uses:

“I see you, I hear you, and what you’re saying matters to me.”


I have made that my mission this year. The world is full of people, and half the time the problem is that all they need is someone to listen. They need someone to make their day. So my ears are open.


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