New Canoe.

Today I launch the blog that has been my brain child for almost a year. I always thought blogging was crass and for people who were overly impressed with their life. However, lately I have developed a fascination with it. If my computer wasn’t so janky, I would probably do an audio blog or a video blog, but for now text will have to suffice. Today I embark on a great journey, my 22nd year on the planet and the last year of my undergraduate college career. I always joke about hating getting old, but I think really I am afraid of growing up and moving on. I think in each part of life we have to learn to let go. Which for me has always been really hard. Leaving high school was probably one of the hardest things for me to do ever. I left friends that were more like family and drama club which was where I found myself. It was like leaving a warm bed in the morning and walking out into the world and its weather insecurities. I left kicking and screaming to come to college, which was supposed to be the great white hope. Everyone around me could not shut up about college, and I was really less than thrilled. I got here and I hated it. I didn’t fit in, I didn’t have friends, and I just wanted to be home. If my first two weeks here would have been any indication of how the rest of my life at college would have went, I would be back in Edwardsville. However, my 3 years here have forever changed me and the thought of leaving strikes me cold. It’s a thought I will have to come to terms with and I hope to do that through this blog.

So we get to the idea of the new canoe. My RA staff this year is one crazy bunch, without them I think I would probably be huddled in a corner eating excessive amounts of fruit smiles and rocking in the fetal position. They push me everyday to be bigger, better, and in many cases louder. We started the year with a simple montra. We are on a New Adventure, be it by plane, train, canoe or any vehicular device(Sans the mega-bus, no crashing here). Our goal is to take our skills we learned and make it a totally new experience. I have made this my goal for life. During this last year I have made it my goal to do everything I have always wanted and be exactly what I want to be. I am not sure what all that is going to be, or how it’s going to work, but it’s my overarching theme. I hope to update this blog at least once a week..preferably more with musings about me. The length won’t be consistent, but Grab your Rhodie Sodie and your beef Jerky and join me on my next great adventure.


3 thoughts on “New Canoe.

  1. Ahhhh Jacob! I know we are newly aquatinted but I would just like to let you know how much you make me smile lol. Whether its through RHA, Rage, or the Arrow your always moving! And I love seeing you and hearing your funny stories and I hope with this upcoming year you really do accomplish every goal you set for yourself! Oh and p.s. as a fellow blogger…I love your writing style. The mega-bus comment literally had me LOL-ing. XD can’t wait to work with you more this year.

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